Quadriga University of Applied Science

Quadriga University of Applied Sciences

Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin is distinctly conscious of the infinity of modern management. Modern management knows neither national nor contentual limitations but rather takes global action whilst integrating a wide variety of disciplines and standards.

Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin educates managers who stand up to current and future challenges within a diversified and still changing world and which they, as managers, can help further shape in a well-versed manner. With a leadership structure focusing on stakeholders and thus on communication in the fields of economics, politics, and society, the university carries out interdisciplinary knowledge transfer, practice-oriented research, as well as professional networking strategies to ensure successful career development.  By utilising the pillars of research, teaching, and publication, Quadriga imparts an understanding of leadership that allows for a unified management approach regarding Human Resources, market, organisational and political communication structures, requiring the integration of various management roles through smart communication.




politik&kommunikation is the only German magazine for political communication. Four times a year it is reporting independently and across party lines about political campaigns and the heads behind, about political strategies and new trends in political communication in Germany, Europe and the Unitet States.